Jinhua scooter industry breaks into the big market

Time:2020-05-28 00:00:00

According to statistics, from January to February 2010, Jinhua Yongkang area exported a total of 257 batches of scooters with a value of 5.787 million US dollars. The batch and value increased by 202.4% and 222.3% respectively over the same period last year, continuing to maintain a good growth momentum.

    Yongkang’s scooter industry started in 2001. With years of capital accumulation and technical reserves, a considerable number of electric tools and anti-theft door companies in the country have invested in this industry during this period. After that, the "scooter fever" started again. With the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008, the US market was hit hard, and the export of scooters was once blocked. In order to support scooter companies to further explore foreign markets, the Yongkang Office of Jinhua Inspection and Quarantine Bureau gives full play to its advantages in technology, information and functions, and takes various measures to support the foreign trade of scooter companies.

    One is to improve the efficiency of inspection and testing and reduce business costs. Analyze and sort out the detection cycle, and compress the detection cycle as much as possible. If the type test is changed from sending it to Ningbo Bureau for testing to the provincial bureau’s laboratory for testing, each of the three standard testing fees can save nearly 2,000 yuan. Further promote the classified management of enterprises and minimize the proportion of random inspections. Establish a work system for urgent matters and special matters, so as to maximize the convenience of enterprises based on risk assessment.

    The second is to provide enterprises with more and faster information services. Timely collect information on foreign technical standards, technical barriers, trade disputes, notification cases, etc., and release it to enterprises in a timely manner through the bureau's website. At the same time, inspectors are required to use inspection and quarantine related information and policies during the inspection period to help enterprises actively respond Various risks and crises.

    The third is to continuously open up new markets by supporting enterprises. In recent years, markets in European countries such as Belgium, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Russia have been further explored. From January to February, the total export value of scooters to the aforementioned countries and regions was 3.565 million US dollars, accounting for 62% of the total export value, which effectively supported Industry development.

    The fourth is to actively support enterprises to realize transformation and upgrading, implement technological transformation, demand productivity from science and technology, and solve the problem of "migrant labor shortage". For example, Zhejiang Hongsheng Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. invested more than 10 million yuan to build a new plant, introduced advanced robotic welding equipment and automatic production lines, and continuously improved product quality, and its products were favored by foreign customers.

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