The hottest skateboarding style this summer: get rid of high heels and be a rebellious girl

Time:2020-06-29 00:00:00

According to the British "Guardian" report on May 21, a wave of skateboarding is sweeping the fashion industry. Whether on the show or on the street, the major fashion brands have abandoned those deliberate gestures and will bring a sense of grandeur and form. Minimize the feeling, and push the round-neck long-sleeved sweatshirts, hoodies, and training shoes full of skateboarding style onto the fashionable T-shaped platform.

   Richard, a famous British designer? Nicoll (Richard Nicoll) the same name brand and the new British brand Mas? The Thomas Tait brand of the same name draws inspiration from street skateboarding culture. Its straight T-shirts with sporty style and bright color elements, short skateboard T, conspicuous logo and other hottest elements of the season occupy the show. Half the country. Stella, who has always taken the elegant and sweet route? Stella McCartney and Giambadista? Valli (Giambattista Valli) also played a rebellious girl style, launched pink skateboard shoes.

The major high-street brands that are closely following the latest trends in the fashion show are certainly not weak. The latest series launched by the famous British high-street brand Topshop and the girly fashion store Asos, the American fashion brand Hood By Air and the French fashion brand Sandro are also cool and handsome. Full and full of street skateboarding style.

   And the American pop queen Rihanna is a well-deserved leader in street style dressing, and her favorite British skateboard brand Palace must be a must-have entry item for street lovers who follow fashion trends.

   Get rid of your high heels, put on a pair of lightweight skate shoes, and join the craze!

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