Finger skateboarding extreme sports with hands instead of feet

Time:2020-07-02 12:00:00

What is skateboarding? Isn't it just a young man in loose clothes, with his feet flexibly controlling the board surface, doing various fancy tricks on the U-shaped pool or railing. If you really think so, sorry, you are out of date!

    Reduce the size of the skateboard and the field by a hundred thousand times, and then use both hands to control the surface of the board and flip it in the air. This is the new favorite of the office family, the finger skateboard.

    Three-inch small skateboard, playing technology and creativity

    Finger skateboard, referred to as "fingerboard", is an American skateboarder who had a whim to practice skateboarding skills on rainy days and made a three-inch long skateboard, using his fingers instead of his feet to control the skateboard to practice at home. This imaginative creation spread quickly, and now it has become the new favorite of the office family.

    But don't underestimate that little skateboard, it won't work without some real skill. Playing finger skateboards has many advantages: you can not be affected by the weather, you can play while listening to music in the room; you can avoid falling injuries when playing big skateboards; you can also cultivate imagination and creativity, and assemble finger skateboards and design slides by yourself .

    Beginners generally start with basic movements such as forwards and backwards, and when they are smooth, they start to try flying over. First, fly over a pen, a ruler, and a mouse. Slowly, I can skip a book, a paper cup, and later, I start to make some props by myself, such as U-shaped boards, T-shaped tables, and gully roadblocks. As a result, technology and creativity go hand in hand, actions become more and more expensive, and happiness becomes more and more. 

    Xiao Wu, who is doing animation design, playing with fingerboard to find inspiration

    "I remember seeing finger skateboarding on TV when I was in junior high school. I was very surprised. I didn't expect that skateboarding could still be played like this." Wu Congsi has been playing fingerboard for nearly five years and is well-known in the circle.

    This interesting fingerboard will also become a source of inspiration for Wu Congsi's creation. "I usually do some small animations for my friends, and the fingerboard gives me a lot of design inspiration." Wu Congsi showed reporters several animations he designed, and the fingerboard is the protagonist of almost all his designs.

    Wu Congsi said that he has promised a skateboard manufacturer to do a fingerboard performance at the upcoming Canton Fair. "I will definitely be fully prepared to let everyone feel the charm of the fingerboard."

    "Old Geng" who created the fretboard team most wants to organize a fretboard competition

    "Lao Geng" is the founder of a fingerboard team called "Fan". He who runs a skate shop has always liked skateboarding. Later, when he came into contact with the fingerboard, he felt that it is similar to skateboarding in many aspects, so he started to learn. . "Now my shop has become a base for fingerboard lovers. Every holiday season, everyone will come from all over the country to communicate."

    “There are currently seven or eight fingerboard teams in China, but it’s more difficult to organize the game. Everyone is too familiar with it.” However, “Lao Geng” is very confident in the development of this sport. “We will organize some exhibition games for everyone. There are more opportunities to learn about the fingerboard and let more people move their hands."

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